Ngozi: bicycle taxi, a livelihood

The daily income of a bicycle taxi, no matter how small is, it is its management that counts. The taxi-bike drivers met in Ngozi, testify to B-NP Magazine.

It is 11 o’clock, our reporters disembark in Ngozi downtown. Taxi bikes, motorcycles and car horns come and go. Difficult to cross the road. The team heads to the bicycle taxi parking lot. There, they meet Willy Irambona, single, native of  Mivo quarter, in Ngozi, exercising the taxi-bike for a year and a half.

He tells us: “the price varies depending on the route. The race is 200 to 1500 BIF”. When it is goods, he earns more. For example, for two bags of cement, he is paid 1000 BIF. And to add “per day, when I get a lot of customers. I can easily earn 6000 or 7000 BIF, otherwise 2500BIF is the minimum”. However, Willy has to pay 1000 BIF per day to his boss. He is delighted with his profession. With the low income; he has built a house for himself.

Philbert Habimana, shares the same opinion. Married and father of a child, he has been in this profession for 6 years. He is satisfied. He manages to support his family. Per day, he gets home with 5,000 BIF. “In the rainy season, it’s not easy, I come home with 2000 BIF,” he laments.

As a reminder, 22% of Burundian families have a bicycle. These proportions drop to 14% in cities (ISTEEBU)