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Earthenware unique to Mutoyi

Some call Mutoyi “city of clay”. It’s not fortuitous. In this article, we tell you about the talent of the “Ibumba dufashanye” cooperative members, based in the region. They shape this precious land into modern utensils.

Plates, cups, pots, vases, etc. These are items among others that the cooperative manufactures. They are beautiful and sophisticated. When we get there, we hasten to touch them, to contemplate them. If we compare them to the imported ones, genius would be the one who would be able to find out the difference. In addition, they are varied. A single subject comes in different colors, shapes and sizes. It’s hard to leave the compound without buying.

Another interesting thing, the entire workforce is local. He learned the profession on the job. Each employee can produce from 6 to 10 vases or 18 plates per day. And the raw material is not puzzling. Apart from the dyes, the rest of the supply is made locally, as Burundi is plentiful of clay soil.

Consequently, this abundance constitutes an opportunity for local, regional or international investors who wish to set up processing clay factories in Burundi.

A providing employment activity

The “Ibumba Dufashanye” cooperative supports several families. Onesphore Ntahomvukiye, one of the members, is delighted. Only two years on job, he has already bought a plot, two goats and a pig. Likewise, he manages to supply his family with foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs. In addition, he has no longer stumbling blocks of sending his children to school.

The work is not easy. It requires different stages: finding the raw material (clay) in swamps, handling activities, mechanical processing, making the article, simple drying, electric drying, coloring, sales service, etc.

Market evidence

Burundi spends billions importing modern utensils made from clay. Because, in fact, the local market is wide. Burundi’s population is estimated at 12 million. And the “Ibumba dufashanye” cooperative alone does not have the capacity of satisfying it, although it has modern equipment.

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