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Burundi, a tea twinkling land

Burundi is blessed with a good tea flourishing land. The crop is grown on Nile-Congo ridge in Mugamba, Bututsi and Mirwa natural regions (1700-2500m), representing about 15 % of the country’s total area, 27.834 km2.

Tea production represents a great opportunity mainly for export. In 2019, out of 10,240 tons of sold dried tea, 8,699 were exported.

In 2020’s second term, Burundi exports were dominated by six local products: tea, wheat flour, cigars and cigarettes, coffee, beers and liquors. They represent 81.3 % of total exports and tea accounts alone 41.2 % of it.

The Burundi State has recovered 3,115 ha of its land that were illegally owned by individuals. The whole area will be distributed to groups of people or organizations with pertinent economic projects on agriculture.

So, investors are welcome.

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